Something we all strive for...

Do you know exactly what that looks like? Does your horse know the perfect pattern?


Now you are able to have clarity with your horse and confidence in your riding after this four part series we have created. Watch, as I walk you through the perfect pattern and offer simple tips to take precious 10ths off the clock!

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Learn with me, Laura Julkowski, as I take you, step by step on the perfect barrel pattern. Along the way we are able to problem solve and tweak your riding to improve your horse's performance and ultimately take time off the clock!

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Barrel Racing

IS Life

Do you have this crazy desire to enter a professional rodeo or travel across the world or become the freaking president of the United States? Whatever it is, no matter how insane you think it is, I’m here to say to freaking go for it. I am just a girl from no-where Minnesota that has gone and made her love of horses a career. I am almost the only one in my area that owns a damn horse but I have still made it happen. 


I have also included record keeping to really track you and your horse's progress throughout this journey.


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