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Thousands of people packed the stands at the 65th Annual North Star Stampede Rodeo in Effie despite orders from the Governor to limit capacity at the outdoor event.


Days before, the organizer of the rodeo Cimmaron Pitzen posted on the rodeo’s Facebook page expressing his outrage at the state’s attempt to limit the amount of spectators, and invited people to protest:


“Thanks to John Olson from the Mn Dept. of Health and Jason Pleggenkuhle from the Attorney General’s office pushing their political agendas, The North Star Stampede will take place with no spectators. If people would like to come and protest against this ridiculous Government Over Reach, feel free to do so, I will not stand in the way of peoples “Right to Assemble””


Many of the riders have been wrangling cattle for generations. While for them and their loyal spectators the event is a tradition, for many vendors it’s their way of life.


 On July 31, 2020 the North Star Ranch, LLC was served papers for Keith Ellison's filed complaint for violating executive order 20-74, which could result in  a substantial amount of fines and legal fees. 

Take a stand with the North Star Ranch to help with legal fees and financial losses from this "ridiculous Government over reach" This is not just about one man, one family or one rodeo. This is about our Constitutional Rights as Americans. The North Star Ranch has been a part of peoples lives from all over the Nation whether they are contestants, spectators or part of the local community. Let's keep our traditions and Constitutional Rights alive.


Little Effie is fighting a much bigger fight than it has anticipated. The fight for our rights!

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