Barrel Racing Vampires

Updated: Dec 28, 2019

An army of loins commanded by a deer will never be an army of loins.

Napoleon Bonaparte

Nothing can suck more fun out of barrel race than a barrel racing vampire. In my opinion, there are two types: The Fix-it-for-mes and the Negative-Nancys.


They are usually looking for a quick fix on an issue they have been having with their horse. They ask for advice in the warm up pen right before their run. They are also sure the problem has to do with their equipment or they need the new latest and greatest whatever fancy thing to fix it.

They ask everyone that is above whatever “D” they are in for advice and surround themselves with these people at all times. These people are usually comforting them and offering a whole slew of different things to try.

I must admit that I am constantly sucked into the reality of the fix-it-for-me. They approach me constantly and I offer the advice. This may help the vampire right now, but it ultimately does not fix the problem.

Many of us have spent a jillion years learning the ins and outs of this crazy sport and for us to spew that knowledge on someone within a few minutes is downright impossible.

Most important of all, what does this do to your own mental focus? How are you expected to stay in “the zone”? What do you do so that it doesn’t happen? This is what becoming mentally tough is all about.

People that like #barrelRacing and wish they could win are looking for that fix. Barrel racers that love what they do, and are a little crazy obsessed, will put in the time, invest where needed and commit to the bigger picture. They will acquire the knowledge and figure out a way to make all this happen.

The blood thirsty suck off the crazy obsessed and the ones that have put in all the blood sweat and tears. Now if this person approaches you and asks about lessons or asks for a good coach, this is another story. They are willing to put in the time and not suck off you.

This way you both leave feeling good and no energy is lost and there is no loss of focus.

The key is to be aware of when this is happening. This also takes practice and it’s not easy. Identify the vampire and protect yourself and your horse.


These barrel racers always have something bad to say, whether it be about their own horse, the draw, the ground, the list goes on and on. They also have an intense need to gossip. We all know these people as well.

Yes, it is near impossible to stay away from the negative-nancys but take mental note on which friends of yours are sucking you into their feel-bad energy. The power they have is fear. They get us worried and we feed right into the fear of whatever fear they have. This makes them even more powerful.

“Im always at the bottom of the ground.” “I never get lucky in the “D’s.” “The tractor has been taking forever!”

What kinds of thoughts run through your head when you read these statements? … Exactly! Run away!

Again, awareness is your best defense. Protect your own focus and defend the vampires!

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