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Our Mission

Badass Rodeo Company is the place to advance your barrel racing career. We aim to grow your relationship with your horse and the relationship with yourself. We provide the education needed to get you to that next level and create happy, healthy horses along the way.


Badass Rodeo Company is about getting to the nitty gritty and finding the real you and knowing your horse. No cutting corners here.


With respect, love and trust all things can become possible. There are no limits and we are here to assist in the pursuit of success. Practice makes improvement. None of us are perfect. Let's share this passion and achieve some crazy goals.

If you have ever struggled with confidence entering the arena or your horse has developed issues, you will now have an outlet to turn to!


We are able to address almost every aspect of barrel racing possible! Get the answers you need in real-time and start improving almost instantly!



Do any of these points ring true for you?


  • If you feel out of alignment with your mind, body and soul and questioning yourself and abilities! 

  • Need accountability with following through and staying motivated during your journey.

  • You are searching for proven tips and tools to take you barrel racing to the next level!

  • You have other factors in your life, besides barrel racing, that need support in order to grow your mental game.

  • You feel that life has become boring or feel that where you are in your life doesn't match up with where you feel you should be!

  • You feel stagnate, stuck or lost and are ready to live a more meaningful and passionate life!

  • Feel like you are ready to take the leap, but caught in the grips of fear or doubt and need that certainty! 

  • You want to be a better barrel racing but feel lost in the commotion and everyday grind. 


We cover all topics from the ground up to mold you into a well rounded barrel racer, competitor and overall person. Join us to start your new journey today.


To take the steps into your new barrel racing life, bravery and action is required. This creates the real change necessary to make those dreams you have a true reality. 





Run Review

 A great option if you're looking for a little insight on your barrel run! I will review the video and get you answers within 24 hours! We can discuss the successes and areas for improvement for you and your horse! 


Barrel Racing IS Life 

Book & Journal

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Become a Badass 

Rodeo Member!

Everyone needs a coach. The art of barrel racing is something that you never stop learning. Instead of making all the mistakes first and shooting in the dark with your horse, have me help you on your journey. It doesn't matter where you live, we can make it happen.

Your Coach

I am here to help you and your horse overcome any fears you might have while teaching the ins and outs of the sport as a whole. I have dedicated my life to horses and now it's my turn to help you!

I have over three decades worth of experience and am ready to share my knowledge. Competing across the country at all levels has taught me invaluable lessons. From winning numerous state championships and national titles, I know what it takes to get there! Let me help you get there too!



By far the best barrel racing clinic experience I’ve had. I have a hotter horse that has not done well at all the clinics we’ve tried and because of that I was worried about attending another clinic. Laura has a great personality and her teaching style worked for us. We learn exactly where and how we need to be positioned on entire pattern at a walk! She’ll get you on the right path. My horse has become more relaxed and confident on the pattern than ever. We’ll definitely be doing follow up lessons with Laura.



After talking with Laura my brain is overloaded with all her knowledge and pointers! She truly reminds me of that little girl that fell in love with horses in the first place and makes me want to ride for that little girl inside me. Though being 28 years old it is a focus to channel that little girl that reminds you why/how you fell in love with this sport in the first place. Truly recommend Badass Rodeo Co.



I have watched Laura compete and win for years, I finally told myself to stop watching her and join her so I took the chance on some lessons and joined her group and it has given me confidence I didn't know I could have! With her help I feel like I am finally riding my horses to their potential. I have accomplished goals I barely dared to let myself dream about in the past and now I have a group to share my struggles and successes with. I went from feeling stagnant and frustrated to having clear goals along with a plan and a COACH to get me to where I want to be. Laura I can not thank you enough! Everyone needs a Badass Rodeo Coach in their life!


Lawson Equine

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